We have a true passion for orchids. This stunning plant with its vibrant, exuberant colours brings style and warmth to countless living rooms, offices and events worldwide.

We are motivated every day by the challenge of creating new, distinctive and exclusive varieties. Nothing gives us more pleasure than realising the full potential of this extraordinary plant.

Our strength is our craftsmanship, our passion and believing in the unlimited possibilities of our imagination.


Our quest to discover new varieties starts with our curiosity: what would the orchid look like if we crossed these two varieties?

Only the very best plants are considered for our breeding programme. After the selected plants have been crossed, a journey begins that takes at least eight years. This exceptionally long journey is necessary to give the plant all the time it needs to develop into a strong, robust and healthy plant that consumers can enjoy for a long time.


During that time, our green fingered, experienced team devotes the utmost care and attention to the plants.

At various stages of their growth, the plants are inspected several times for compliance with our stringent selection criteria. The candidate plants are also tested extensively until only the strongest and most beautiful plants remain.

Each year we trial numerous varieties to test characteristics such as unique patterns, leaf position and a prolonged flowering period. We pay special attention to unique characteristics such as an extra-large flower size in combination with short branches and extravagant colours, and plants with, or without the “big-lip” petal variation.

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